AASHEE INFOTECH LIMITED was incorporated in the year 1987 as S.R. Oils and Fats Limited.The Company has issued Shares to Public in 1994. The shares of the company are listed with Bombay Stock Exchange, Delhi Stock Exchange, Ludhiana Stock Exchange and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange.

Initial the company was incorporated with main object of manufacturing of edible oil, later on in year 2007 the name of the company was changed from S.R. Oils and Fats Limited to "Aashee Infotech Limited" . The main object of the company was amended and incorporated the main object to carry out the business of Information Technology, developing software, internet and all activities related buying, selling of Computer Hardware and to develop various Software and market them.


* Inder Bansal Managing Director
* Anil Kumar Jain Director
* Rajesh Girotra Director
* Arun Kumar Jain Director
* Subhash Jain Director
* Ankita Kabra Director
* Anand Parkash Sharma Company Secretary
* Mamta Jain Chief Financial Officer

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